Consequences of incivility on city council

The City of Lake Elmo is a suburb of St. Paul.  I know this blog is about Wisconsin municipal law, but a recent article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press caught my attention and I thought I’d bring it over to Wisconsin as a cautionary tale.  The City of Lake Elmo has been in the news quite a bit the last few years, primarily due to the behaviour of certain members of the city council.  Of course they blame each other for the problems, kind of like: “I’m not disrespectful you are.  No you are.  No you are.”

Aside from making Lake Elmo the subject of a certain amount of ridicule in the Twin Cities area, the antics of the Council have now had some potentially serious consequences.

The City’s insurer, the Insurance Trust Board of the League of Minnesota Cities, decided to increase the City’s deductable from $500 to $200,000.  The insurance company said it is because the way City Council members treat each other, the City’s employees, and other government officials has greatly increased the risk of claims against the City.

The article in the paper noted, “Eight city hall workers have left since March 2015. The city’s administrator is the sixth one hired in seven years.”

You can read the Pioneer Press article here.  or just do a “Google” search on Lake Elmo.

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