Posting Notices on the Internet

Wisconsin law requires municipalities to either publish or post various legal notices.  In general, “publishing” means publishing in the local or the officially designated newspaper, while “posting” means literally placing the notice on a public notice board or other such place where the public is likely to see it.

In those cases where posting is allowed by state law, the former requirement was that notices had to be posted in at least three places where the public was likely to see the notice.

The Governor recently signed 2015 Wisconsin Act 79 into law, which allows municipalities that choose to post notices to do so in one physical public place and on the municipality’s website, instead of posting the notice in three places.  For example, if you formerly posted your agendas in three places, a Town may now choose to post the agenda on the Town’s website and then in at least one physical location.  As always, there are exceptions.  Consult with your municipal attorney for your specific questions.

Keep in mind that this new internet posting is an option, not a requirement – a municipality may continue to post in three places, or more, and municipalities are not (yet) required to have websites.

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