Governor Walker’s proposed budget changes assessment from city, village and town to county assessment

Governor Walker’s new budget proposal would remove the assessment process from villages, towns, and most cities.  This has been proposed in the past but gotten no traction in the legislature.  Currently, local municipal governments are responsible for carrying out the property tax assessment process, and handling challenges to it from taxpayers.  And almost all, if not all, small municipalities contract the assessment duties to profession assessors who are licensed by the state.  Under the governor’s proposal, counties would take over property tax assessment.

You can review the budget at this State of Wisconsin Department of Administration website.  The county assessment proposal can be found on page 460.

The goal may be to be to bring greater uniformity to property tax assessments, although this is not directly stated in the budget.  Cities with populations over 39,000 (1st and 2nd class cities) can choose to maintain their own property tax assessment if they comply with the new regulations.

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