Wisconsin Act 10 Grievance Procedure

As an update to the post below, we are now past the October 1st deadline.  Nevertheless, any municipalities which have not yet adopted a grievance procedure which meets the requirements of 66.509 should still do so as soon as possible.  Since I made the last posting about this, the Towns Association has added sample grievance procedures and some other background information.  See: www.wisctowns.com.

Wisconsin Act 10 requires municipalities to have a grievance procedure.  Section 66.0509, Wis. Stats.  I wanted to bring to your attention that the Wisconsin League of Municipalities has posted two sample grievance procedures drafted by Attorney Nancey Pirkey.   While they look good as generic samples, I would suggest you have your municipal attorney review any procedure your municipality proposes to adopt to make sure they make sense in your municipality, and to make sure your final version complies with 66.0509.

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