Hiatus and Walker’s Budger Repair Bill

 I have been on hiatus from the blogosphere for a while due to several time consuming and controversial municipal cases I’ve been working on, as well as the holidays.  Prior to the new year, there was not a lot of action affecting municipal law in Wisconsin, either in the courts or Madison.  But things have certainly heated up lately.  To begin with, newly elected Governor Walker has brought forth a “budget repair bill” that has rankled many municipal and state workers, as well as unions in general.  Its passage, in one form or another, seems assured due to his party’s control of both houses.  However, even within his party there are some elements seeking amendments, some due to unforeseen consequences of some of the provisions in the bill, and some due to concerns that the bill is too radical.  On the other side of the aisle, the senate Democrats have unanimously failed to appear.  Although the Republicans have the votes to pass the bill, they need a quorum to take a vote, and there is not a quorum without at least one of the Democrats present.  I expect the bill to pass sooner or later, although whether it will contain any compromises is uncertain.  Both sides are throwing slogans around like confetti, but it’s hard to say whether either side will be willing to give. To keep up to date, you may want to check out the news page on Wisconsin Public Radio’s website.  Stay tuned.

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